86From Shifen, we went to Jiufen and from the bus stop, the first thing you will see are countless stores at Jishan Street which is a good thing. So many good food to be had here. The peanut ice cream is my favorite. I would come back for this.. :D


There’s a bus from Taipei that goes directly here. However, since we were coming from Shifen, we took the train back to Ruifang. Then we boarded the bus just right across the street from the station paying with our easy card for TWD 15. It’s about 20-30 minutes up the mountains from the station. You can also take a taxi but the bus is way cheaper. :) On our way back to Taipei, we took the bus directly to the city and we paid cash to the driver.

83A lot like Baguio. It was foggy and cool too.

84We stopped near Jishan Street and you will see a lot of tour buses. We walked a bit to go to the street with a lot of food stalls.

85The first food we ate was this delicious peanut and peanut ice cream combo covered in lumpia wrapper. It was so good! I read about it on blogs and I’m glad we tried it. Food here is not expensive but we only bought one since we wanted to try food as we go and we didn’t want to be too full.

86 87We just walked along the street and visited a few souvenir stores and of course we had to get our No Face luggage tag. Too bad they didn’t have a lot of Spirited Away character items or we would have hoarded, probably because of licensing and stuff. :D

88There were a lot of food stalls and even small restaurants. I wish I tried these tea eggs..

89We tried the taro thing. You have the option of hot or cold. We got the cold one. I wasn’t too happy about this. It was just like bilo-bilo in sweet sauce and ice. It’s like a watered down version of the ginataan without the diversity of other fillings like banana, kamote, sago and coconut.

90 91 92We were looking for the tea house and couldn’t find it. We reached the elementary school and sat there for a while. We came across the museum with different masks. I didn’t know it was a paid museum. I just took pictures from the outside.

93 94