81Shifen is the town before Pingxi coming from Ruifang Station so we decided to stop by after Pingxi. This is the more commercialized version. I noticed that a lot of the tour buses go here, maybe because it’s more accessible? It is also known for the Shifen Waterfall which we didn’t go to since we didn’t have enough time. We saw the Jingan Suspension Bridge though! (pictured above) :)

7475Off from the station, you will immediately see a lot of stores so if you are hungry, this would be the place to go in this area.

76They also have a lot of lantern shops here.

77I don’t know how you can take decent pictures when there are so may people around.

78You can get really close to the train though. :)

79We took a few pictures at the Jingan Suspension Bridge before moving on to our next destination. :)