65I love Pingxi. It’s probably my most favorite place we visited. It’s a small town by the railroad tracks, about an hour away from Taipei. It is known for their Lantern Festival. You can write your wishes on the lanterns and send them up to the sky.


There are several options by bus, taxi or by train which we did. From Taipei Main Station, we took the train to Ruifang and transferred to another train to Pingxi.


58We used our Easy cards to pay for the Taiwan Main Station – Ruifang Station fare. Then, we bought this Pingxi Day Pass at 64 Taiwanese Dollar at Taipei Main Station. They also have train schedules for this popular route so you can plan accordingly.

59One of the workers directed us to platform 4 and we missed our train which was just there a few meters from us. It was on platform 5. There were also a couple who were confused like us but they got on the train. We figured it out after when we asked the conductors so we had to catch the next one 30 minutes later.

60Our next train was 45 minutes away so we walked around the area of Ruifang since we were already there.

61The train to Pingxi was colorful.

6263Off the station, you will see people flying lanterns. I like that this is not as crowded as the next town of Shifen.

64There were only a few shops operating the lantern business and not crowded. It’s TWD 100 for one color and TWD 200 for multi-color lanterns. The color corresponds to different wishes such as red for health, pink for love, blue for career, yellow for money and luck. The lady also takes your pictures. :)

66That is our lantern making its way to the sky. :)

67We walked around the small town of Pingxi which has several establishments mostly catering to tourists. :)

68This store at the left corner was selling really delicious looking sausage within the sausage but too bad the lady in front of us ordered a hundred.We were even waiting in line for about 20 minutes.

72 73

We had no choice but to leave since we had a train to catch.

7069Sent myself a post card. They also have plenty of stamps at Pingxi so if you’re into that kind of thing, you will love it. I noticed Taipei had plenty of stamping stations. School kids really like that.

71Even their drain thing are adorable! :)