44I don’t usually go to Shabu Shabu places since there’s not one near where I live. They are abundant in Taipei though so I told myself that I am never leaving this place without trying shabu shabu. My friend who’s been living there for the past 10 years took us here at this local place. She said that they frequent this place and the owner actually knows her since they come very often.

Processed with MoldivThis is the card that I got from the front desk. Just in case you need directions or any reference. :P

45This is their wall of fame. Various Taiwanese personalities.

46My friend told me that this is San Chai’s (from Meteor Shower fame) sister.

49We sat on a table. I like that they have individual pots. They also have counters for solo diners which were plenty. Soup is unlimited. You can choose either rice or noodle. We had 2 beef plates and a seafood one. You can also choose the vegetables from 2 options. Ours was the different kind and my cousin go the regular, usual kind pictured below. They’re almost the same except for the greens.

48They have unlimited lemon water and tea, you can also order drinks if you like. This is their sauce station.

47We were so full at the end of the meal. I can hardly finish everything. I don’t know how much this costs since my friend paid for it. It was her treat. I think it ranges around TWD 300-700 depending on what you order from what I saw on those paper place mats. I saw the numbers but I can’t read Chinese characters very well so I don’t know what it corresponds to. :)