20We had to go here after hearing so many good things about it and it was conveniently located at Taipei 101. We wanted to go either to this or the original branch. Din Tai Fung is known for its xialongbao or soup dumplings. We went on the MRT Red Line, Taipei 101 Station. You can’t miss it. At the exit, it would be the first thing you’ll see.

21We were there at around 11ish and didn’t have any reservations. We just told the lady at the front and she asked how many were in our party. I think they have different waiting times for 2s, small group and large groups. She said our waiting time was 20 minutes which wasn’t too bad. In the mean time, she gave us an order sheet so we can order. I’ve already written down what I wanted so it was pretty easy. If not, there’s also this huge menu outside for your reference. :)

22It was a short wait and we were lead to our table.

24They had a section in glass where the xialongbao were being made.

23We ordered the pork xiaolongbao..

25It was good. We dipped it in this ginger, soy sauce and vinegar dipping sauce. You can feel the juices oozing out in your mouth.

26 We also ordered siomai.

27and pork over fried rice

28We also ordered the red bean dumpling (not pictured) and a couple of drinks. Our total was at around TWD 700 which wasn’t bad at all. We were really full and almost couldn’t finish desert.

29Saw this really cute Japanese guy – twice! Once at Din Tai Fung and the second was at Jiufen. I told my cousin if I see him the 3rd time it’s destiny. Haha. Unfortunately, I didn’t see him the third time. :P

And that was our glorious meal at Din Tai Fung. :)
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