15Our first order of the day was to visit the Chang Kai Shek memorial. Chang Kai Shek was the former president of the Republic of China. His name is very familiar because I went to a Chinese school. Most of our Chinese teachers were from Taiwan.

13We took the metro and stopped at CKS Memorial Hall. This station was pretty huge. Make sure you exit on 5 since the other exits are far apart.

14This is the map of the area. You will also find the National Theater and National Concert Hall in the premises. My first impression was that Wow, it’s so big. Maybe it’s good not to have expectations since I was really impressed with how big and nice the buildings were.

16We took the 89 steps up to the Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall which represents how many years he lived. We actually didn’t expect to see the changing of the guards which was a nice surprise.

1718This is what the complex looks like from the top.