1I love Cho Hotel! It’s relatively new. I was searching for directions or blog posts about it but couldn’t find any. I booked it through Booking.com and I’m glad I did.

From Taipei Main Station, we took a Taxi to the hotel. We gave him the address and it was easy to find. There were no signs referring to the hotel except this small one outside the door. I’m glad we concentrated on the number and on the street and we were like this must be it. We went in and asked and it was! :) There’s a Family Mart really close by and also a small grocery store.
2This was the small reception. I really like the design. Further down is the roomy elevator. Check in was fast. We were given this postcard like thing where it had 2 post cards, a puzzle, a map and our meal tickets for the rest of our stay. It looks like this..

11You might be wondering what the puzzle is for. It’s for this wall..

5They have various drawing tools and stamps on the desk. This was our puzzle that we did on our last day. Represent! :D

12We were so tired, can’t wait to go to our room which was on the top floor.

67Our very comfy bed on a platform. It had plenty of room on the other side too for bags and such. I like the windows and the mural. The TV was really nice too and had plenty of English channels.

4Our desk/sink which is situated on the right as you enter the room. It had the necessities and also water which was replenished every day if they were empty. They had most of what you need. You can also get extra supplies from the reception desk pictured below.

3This was our bathroom which was basic and simple but functional. It had a rain shower! :)

8For breakfast, they give you those coupons that are good for TWD 50 each. It is a neighborhood local breakfast place. It’s not pretty so don’t expect much.

9They had Chinese and English menus. We tried a variety of food for the 3 days we spent. We had “omelette” which was very different from what I know as omelette on our first day. We had sandwiches on our second day and this is what we had on our third day. The noodles were not good but what my cousin got was pretty good. She also had milk tea and I had orange juice.

10We paid about TWD 2,460 a night. There are cheaper hotels in the area but you also get what you pay for. We were pretty satisfied with what we got. Our hotel is about 3 blocks from the Ximen Metro. There are at least 2 family marts close by and 1 seven-eleven around the corner. There are also good restaurants in the area. Ximending shopping street is about 2 blocks away. The staff were really nice. They even helped us book a few things. We really enjoyed our stay. :)

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