Our flight was supposedly at 10pm but when I did the online check in thing, it said that our flight was at 11:10pm. Usually, Cebu Pacific would send text messages for any flight changes and they didn’t. We were at the airport at 7pm thinking our flight was at 10pm. This means that we will arrive later than expected and will probably not have time to catch the 12:30ish bus that I was researching online. Our flight landed on time around 1am and we were out of immigration and the gates since we didn’t have any check in luggage at around 1:45ish am. We considered taking a taxi but we thought it was really expensive at TWD 1200-1400 so we wanted to check other options. We went to the bus depot on lower ground. IMG_6653It was empty. We went outside and saw people in line and unfortunately, it’s for another city. We asked the driver but he told us to call the bus company. We saw a sign on the Kuo Kang Bus booth on departures for 2:00, 2:30 and 3:30 if I’m not mistaken. So we decided to wait for the 3:30 one and if it didn’t come, we would have to taxe the taxi. Good thing it was there at around 3:15. We had to pay the exact amount of TWD 125 per person to the driver.

IMG_6655The bus is not new but it was functional and didn’t smell. Haha. It would also display the stop in English. IMG_6656These are the seats. Our bus was not full since it was really late at night. The last stop was at Taipei Main Station. We had to take a taxi to Ximending and it was not far. Our meter read 100 but the driver asked for 120. We found out through my friend who lives there that there’s an additional 20 for late night fares. We thought he asked for a tip. Haha. So, I’m glad that there are cheap and safe options to get to the city from the airport even if it’s really late at night. You don’t have to take a taxi unless you wanted to. Too bad I can’t say the same for Manila.