46It is probably the most popular church in Paris thanks to Disney. This is my third time visiting this church and it impresses me still every time. Well built churches are just timeless. You can walk up the church for a fee. :)

48We actually got lost. We saw a couple of Filipinas on the metro and asked them about the Notre Dame church and they told us about another stop, also named Notre-Dame and it was the wrong one. Haha. So, we had to ask the lady at the ticket booth and she pointed this one the Saint-Michel Notre-Dame stop. It took us some time to get here. Last time I went was through the Green Bus tour and they stop directly in front of the church. With the metro, you would have to walk maybe two blocks to get there but you’ll see it once you’re out on the major street and you cross the small bridge.

4547Of course, we had to line up as well. :)

49On our way back to the metro, we saw this street with lots of people and decided to check it out before heading back. It had plenty of souvenir shops and restaurants as well.

50We stopped by a creperie.

51Nutella is always a good idea. :)