39The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Paris France. It is located in the Montmarte district, the highest point of the city.

38From our hotel, we went by bus since the stop was just in front of our hotel. We should have done this on the first day. Haha. The bus also stops near the metro. You would see a lot of people on this lane with souvenir shops and restaurants on each side as you go up the street.

40You can walk up to the church but since we’re lazy, we took the funicular. The metro/bus ticket also works on this. We got the 10 tickets in one pack thing so we had plenty.

41The funicular was huge so it can fit a lot of people. It was also made of glass so you can take pictures or a video on the way up.

42Since it’s high up, you can see great views of the city.

43We had to line up to go inside the church which seemed pretty long at first but thankfully, it moved fast. I don’t remember if we’re not allowed to take photos inside but I didn’t have any so maybe it wasn’t allowed. We went to a few churches. :P