22This was on top of our must see list. No, we didn’t get a lock and throw it on the river below. We’re just curious. We went by metro and stopped at Pont Neuf on Line 7. It was bit of a walk from the metro. Just look for the river and head towards that direction. The Louvre Museum is actually close by.

21We saw on the news a couple of weeks before we went to Paris that the bridge has collapsed. Well, the bridge was an exaggeration. Only part of the railing collapsed and they promptly covered it with a board. You can read more about it here. It was actually closed for a bit so we were glad that it was open at the time we were there.

23Yes, that can weigh it down. :)

24View of the area on the bridge. I like that there were some chairs on the middle where you can sit but they were always occupied. :P

25Lovely view of the river Seine and the bridge across.