This was an execution during the French Revolution and was called Place de la Revolution then before it was renamed Place de la Concorde in 1795. The famous personalities that were executed here include King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.


If you walk further down the Champs-Elysees, you will see Place de la Concorde towards the end or you can also go by metro on lines 1, 8 or 12 and stop at Concorde.


Even the Obelisk is obscured with the seat stand for the Tour de France.


17Just across the Place de la Concorde is Jardin de Tuilleries which is a really nice public garden. You can actually walk further and reach the Louvre museum but who has feet of steel? I don’t. Haha.

18We couldn’t go further. Our feet were already cursing at us so we just took pictures of the front.

19So many of these ttricycles offering rides. The prices were listed depending on which places you wanted to go and they were expensive. And yes, that is the Eiffel Tower on the background.