We were really lazy the next day and after checking out of the hotel, we had to go to Deira City Center first since the metros start their operation at 1pm on Saturdays. We purchased another day pass. Our agenda for the day was see the Mall of the Emirates, Burj Al Arab and retrieve our bags from the hotel before going to the airport.

1 Malls in Dubai are really huge and they have overwhelming variety of options. This mall seems like it had more upscale options. It had a section where most stores were designer brands. I remember seeing a Louis Vuitton store inside the mall.

We went to the food court to check if we can possibly eat since we were kinda hungry. There were a few stalls open and we saw some people on the tables. We’re like oh it must be okay for tourists. We buy our food and they were only doing take aways – we should have taken this as clue. So, we have our food and we sit at the table. The security guard tells us that we can’t eat. We look around and we only notice that only the kids were eating, the adults are actually forbidden to eat. We’re like r&%ç&// what do we do with our food? We were seriously considering taking it to the cinema. We ask a Filipina about our options and thank God for her, we were able to eat our food but I can’t really say how. Haha.

2Now, that lunch was out of the way. We roamed around and we saw Ski Dubai and it looked really cool. We checked the price and decided we didn’t really want to spend that much so we just looked on the artificial ski slope from outside.

3We decided that since Burj Al Arab was pretty close, we’ll take a taxi there take pictures and head back to the mall so we can get the metro going back. It would be very expensive if we took the taxi back to Deira.

33Taxi prices were pretty reasonable. I think this was pretty normal since the driver knew what to do. He drove us to the front of Burj Al Arab. We really can’t go in since it is private property. He gave us a few minutes to take pictures before we head back.

5I tell you how a challenge it was to take pictures without having anyone at the back. There were a group of tourists who also had the same idea and wanted to take pictures naturally. Our taxi driver was stressing and trying to call us because he can’t really park there for a long time so we snapped a few quick pics before going.