1From the Gold Souk, we took the metro going to Dubai Mall. It’s quite a walk from the metro station, you would go through at least 10 walkalators. I might be exaggerating but it was really far from the metro.

pic 4The good thing is you get to see this on the way to the mall. Currently, the tallest building on earth.

2We walked around a bit and it’s a huge place. The good thing about Dubai having many Filipino workers is that you get to talk to them and they give really good information like the fountain show that was about to take place. Haha. So, we rushed to where the said fountain show was outside the mall. We noticed that the people that worked at the Information desks around this mall weren’t exactly friendly or seemed happy to help.

3We did catch the tail end of the show with the water splashing around to the tune of the song. We thought there was only one a day but we found out that there are quite a few fountain shows, not sure if it’s every hour. It was really nice and we saw the really tall building again.

4But it was so hot! It was already night time and I come from a tropical country but the weather was just unreal. You know how you leave your car in the heat of summer and then you have to get in, close the door and drive. It felt like that when we went out of the mall. Maybe it also didn’t help that it was air condition inside the mall was really nice, then you go out to the heat outside and it was like Bam! So we didn’t really stay out for long. We took pictures and went back in.

7There were a lot of dining options inside the mall from budget to expensive. I was kind of surprised in a really envious way that they have so many international dining options from all over the world like The Cheesecake Factory, Eric Kayser to name a few.

6We also passed by the huge aquarium which was really nice.

5The Patchi chocolate is home grown. We went in the store and was a little bit intimidated since it looked more like an upscale perfumerie or a bag store than a chocolatier. They had their chocolates on the wall and enclosed display table, someone had to assist you if you were going to get their chocolates.

We were hungry by this time and decided to check out the food court.

8We went with Jimmy the Greek. I love this and I miss it. The last time I ate Jimmy the Greek was from a couple years ago in Canada. I love Greek food and we don’t have much of it here in my country.

9They had this section of the mall where they recreated the look of the souks. There were a variety of stores on each side, mostly jewelry stores. The center had cafes.

10They had a lot of sale going on in different stores during late July but I really didn’t buy anything here. :)