4The Gold souk is a market in Deira with a number of stores selling gold jewelry. You can get there by boat, bus or metro. We went there via metro and stopped at Al Ghubaiba. After exiting the metro. Do turn left opposite of the water. When you see the small Standard Charter bank, turn right. Then you’ll turn left and walk strait and turn right towards the end of it. It’s about a 10 minute walk from the metro stop.

nol cardWe bought the red nol card day pass for 14 aed from the airport since we figured we’ll be out all day anyway. I don’t know if this would be the cheaper options since fares are differentiated by zones. You don’t have to worry about that with this. It was definitely convenient and I think we did get it’s worth with 5 rides or more covering a considerable amount of distance.

5You know you’re in the right track if you pass by the Heritage House. To be honest, it was a little bit uncomfortable walking around this area since it was mostly men that were out in the streets and they would look at us weirdly at times. There were occasional women you would see which was comforting but it was rare. It was relatively safe especially since it was day time but the looks they give were just really a bit uncomfortable. I’m just glad I wasn’t walking alone.

2There were quite a few hawkers here that were selling fake bags and such. They would call out to you but just ignore them.

3Price of gold was listed on these screens.

1There’s a lot of bling here. Do bargain and look around. It wouldn’t hurt to get the price down a bit. I bought a necklace here, a really simple gold one. I thought if I would be getting anything from Dubai besides a magnet, it would be this. I actually wanted a necklace with my name in Arabian script but since it was the weekend, it would take at least 3 days and we were leaving the next day. It’s too bad because I really wanted one.