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IMG_3776We took the airport train from Dongzhimen station to the airport since it’s the cheapest way to get to the airport at 25 yuan. It’s also fast as it only take about 20 minutes.

IMG_3777They do have a schedule so be aware of that. I think there’s a train every 20-30 minutes, not sure about this but they’re not very often.

IMG_3778We had to wait for ours for quite a while.

IMG_3779The trains look very clean and new. Not a lot of people rode it at night so I guess that’s a good thing for us.

IMG_3780Luggage racks although we didn’t really need it since there was plenty of space where we were seated.

IMG_3781At the airport, we were kinda behind. They were also very strict with the security of the luggage which is a good thing. My check in luggage had a portable battery I just purchased from Yashow market and the security scan lighted 2 times, I was so embarrassed but they were really nice about it. Security at the airport was also extensive that’s why the lines were so long. It’s also a good thing.

IMG_3784We were actually given front seats – first time since flying with Cebu Pacific for a very long time.

IMG_3786Love the leg space! :)