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IMG_3763I met up with my mom’s friend who is working in China at the time. He took us to a mid east restaurant at a mall and I forgot the name but it was a huge place with very ornate decoration.

IMG_3761This is probably our most extravagant meal and we didn’t pay for it. We ordered rice, fish, kebabs, and prawns. We even had ice cream at the start of dinner.

IMG_3760IMG_3768I wish I remember the name but they had plenty of seating available.

IMG_3767They even had a belly dancer. :)

IMG_3765I also checked out the restroom which was a squat toilet but it was very modern with the automatic flush and bidet.

IMG_3769Then he took us to Yashow Market and we were really good at bargaining. I bought a few items here.

IMG_3770Sanlitun on the right, picture taken from the walkway bridge.