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IMG_3551Gu Jie ghost street is a street lined up with restaurants. We went there by subway and stopped at Beixinqiao station.

IMG_3553It’s distinct with its lanterns. We actually walked a good 10 to 15 minutes to check out the restaurants, most were offering seafood hotpot. It was pricy though for our budget so we decided to go back at the station. I bet this area is nice at night.

IMG_3552We walked along the other side too and found a KFC but decided to try this Chinese fast food restaurant which didn’t really have a name in English.

IMG_3555We just pointed out our order. At least I know how to say one of this and one of that. This was more like our budget.

IMG_3554My cousin got a shoyu chicken with vegetables and I got myself a rice bowl with curry. Price is approximately 15-20 yuan per rice bowl and 5 for sodas. I love that they have this chopstick dispenser which looks like it sterilizes the chopstick as well. I wish I had taken a picture.

weighing scaleAt the 7-11 next door, I got this magazine for 20 yuan. I can’t read Chinese for the life of me but I wanted this weighing scale and it was so worth it. For 140 pesos, I got myself a portable weighing scale that usually costs at least 1000 pesos. So, this was really a steal. I wish I also had gotten the magazing with the Calvin Klein phone cover. Oh well.. You win some and you lose some. :)