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IMG_3460798 Art District is an art complex in the Chaoyang District of Beijing. This is probably one of the coolest places I’ve been to in China. It used to be a military factory complex which they’ve converted to art galleries, cafes and the like.

It’s just a little bit tricky to go to. On our way there, we took the subway and the bus. When we were leaving, we tried to get a Taxi but none would take us since they didn’t really understand where we were going or some just didn’t want to go. So we were forced to take the bus again which was tight and full at people around 6pm which is the time people go back home from work.

IMG_3459This is the correct bus stop: Da Shan Zi Lu Kuo Nan. You just have to cross the street to reach the Art District.


Subway: Take Subway Line 10 and alight at Sanyuanqiao Station. Leave from Exit C and find the Sanyuanqiao Bus Stop. Get on Bus 401 and off at Dashanzi Lukou Nan (Dashanzi Road Crossing South) Station.
Bus: Take Bus No. 401, 402, 405, 445, 909, 946, 955, 973, 988, or 991 to Dashanzi Road Crossing South or Wangyefen Stop.
Or Taxi

IMG_3467IMG_3470It’s easy to get lost and explore the many streets in the district.

IMG_3475 IMG_3479There was this cute caramel artisan store called Papabubble that newly opened so they were giving out candies.

IMG_3482IMG_3480Passed a store that sold cheeky figurines..

IMG_3485IMG_3488Even their snack shops are artsy..

IMG_3491 IMG_3493Yes, that’s a crumpled doublemint.

IMG_3496 IMG_3498We were hungry so we checked out this street stall that sold a pancake thing. We didn’t like it and it was too spicy so we had to run for coke.

IMG_3499This store had really unique and cute stuff.

IMG_3500Like these bells.. What would you ring for? ;)

IMG_3502This store only sold skull products which were really cool but it’s more upscale. I saw this skull bag that was just amazing. I wish I took a picture. The quality of the bag was also exceptional. Unfortunately, I cannot bring myself to purchase such an expensive item.

IMG_3504This train track was towards the end of the complex.

IMG_3506Cool graffiti..