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IMG_3317I missed this on our last trip since our tour group didn’t have time to stop by so we just saw it from the bus. I just had to see it up close so I put it on our first day. It’s really a visual wonder. I can imagine how full this place was in the 2008 Olympics. I wish I was here. The 2008 Olympics probably had the best opening ceremony hands down and it happened here.

There is a subway stop called the National stadium to reach this place. Admission is actually free to the grounds. I’m not sure if they are letting people in at dusk. Haha. Maybe in the day time. I’m not sure how much that would cost.

IMG_3278When you exit out of the subway, you would see this. On the left, you have to go through security to get into the premises.

IMG_3292The Tourist Service thing is unfortunately already closed. There are a lot of stalls selling items and also photographers who would offer you their services for a fee. They really know the perfect angles to take pictures. I wouldn’t mind paying them if I had money to burn. Haha.

IMG_3320We didn’t go all the way to the end, I’m not sure what’s there.

IMG_3319This is the water cube from afar.

IMG_3337It changes colors. :)

IMG_3321The National Stadium or more commonly known as the Bird’s nest stadium is a sight to see. I prefer visiting it at night when it’s all lighted up instead of the day.