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IMG_3270Xidan is a popular shopping area with plenty of high end malls, department stores and shops that cater to a different budgets. It is located in the Xicheng district. It has its own subway stop so it’s very accessible.

IMG_3256This is the subway near our hotel. It looks brand spanking new. The thing with Beijing subway is that they xray your belongings and you go to a metal detector thing so it’s very safe but also time consuming to line up especially on busy subway stations like the Beijing zoo. Subway fare is only 2 yuan or 14 pesos. Bus fare is 1 yuan or 7 pesos. Their bus is even cheaper than our jeepneys. I hope this doesn’t change. :)

IMG_3260We checked out the shopping areas since we had a really good experience last time we were here. We got a lot of good bargains the last time. This time though is a different story. The prices had gone up. No more good value bargains like before. I saw a shirt that I really liked but the girl already bought it and they only sell usually one of a kind items or on limited stock so maybe that’s why the prices are different.

IMG_3261 IMG_3264We had a quick lunch at Yoshinoya before trying to find good deals again. I don’t know why fastfoods in China generallly just tastes better. This was really good. :)

IMG_3265 IMG_3266I can’t believe we still came out empty handed. So we decided to head out of this area.

IMG_3273You know it’s a fancy area when they have escalators outdoors. Haha.

IMG_3274They really had cool buildings. We decided to check out the department stores on the opposite side of the street.

IMG_3276We bought Chinese candies at the basement floor. There were plenty of nice places to eat but we deciede to check out this dessert place because it’s unique.IMG_3277I got this bowl with ice and sweet potato, rice cake, bobba, and corn. It’s like halo-halo but healthier. You actually have a choice if you want it warm or cold. I chose cold. They pour brown syrup over the ice for the sweetness. It was actually pretty good. :)