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IMG_3229I booked this hotel because of the price. It was really affordable. Also, it was well located near a subway and Wangfujing. It also has fairly good reviews. They were very good with emails as well. I even coordinated an airport pick up. I didn’t want to stress out about finding a Taxi that won’t rip us off or didn’t know how to find our hotel and we were arriving very late at night.

The cafe pictured above is very rustic and charming. The rooms though has seen better days especially the carpet but for it’s price, it was good. Fortunately, we had a room on the first level since I don’t think they had elevators.

IMG_3242We had twin beds. The room had a phone, AC/heater, TV, coffee/tea with kettle, even a blow dryer but no fridge. It was good actually. The beds were comfortable and they looked clean.

IMG_3243IMG_3232The bathroom was actually good and spacious. It actually looked like it was newly renovated.

IMG_3235I loved taking hot showers especially in the winter.

IMG_3255This was the crossing near the hotel, about 2 blocks away from the subway which was just around the corner. Across is a huge supermarket which we only discovered on our last day. :( There are also a few restaurants around the area.

I wish I had booked the Novotel in Wangfujing early on though since the price was just a little bit higher than this hotel. When I checked, 2 weeks prior to our arrival, the prices has changed which is a bummer! China actually has very affordable hotels. Our experience here in this hotel was good, their staff really know how to communicate in English and seemed very professional with their job even if it’s just a small hotel. I wouldn’t mind checking out other hotels though in the future. :)