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china visaIt is actually much easier to get a Chinese visa for the second time than the first. There is a lot of difference. The requirements actually shrink – a lot. You can compare it here when I first applied for a visa.

We actually hired the services of a travel agency for this visa application like the first time and paid the 1000 processing fee and the 1400 application fee for single entry visa for a total of 2,400 pesos.

The requirements if you have been previously issued a China Tourist visa:

  • filled application form, you can find the application form here.
  • Passport with at least 6 months validity and one blank page
  • Passport size picture with white background (48mm x 33 mm siz)
  • photocopy of passport
  • Plane tickets
  • Hotel voucher

After a week, we got our passports back with our visa.

For first time applicants, there are more requirements and you can check their website below for more information.

China Tourist Visa Requirements and Other Information