IMG_3090I just condensed the things we did on the 6th day. Seoul has a lot of adorable socks. The one pictured above is at Ehwa Women’s University area. We bought a lot of cute socks. Haha. IMG_3063We started our day and headed to Seoul Station since there was a huge grocery store there. We bought a lot of things actually, a lot of snacks and noodles to take home. Haha. They had a boxing station where you can put your stuff and we dragged that all the way back to our hotel.

IMG_3074After lunch, we headed out to the Ehwa Women’s University area which is lined up with street foods. I bought myself a chicken snack since I only had cup noodles for lunch.

IMG_3078Ehwa Women’s University is really a great area to shop for the more budget conscious person. We bought a lot of stuff here including the square backpacks we’ve seen all over South Korea.

IMG_3087IMG_3093IMG_3095There are also a lot of high school girls that frequent the area especially around 5pm. We love their uniform.

IMG_3100After that, we were looking for the subway to go to Hongdae but we just walked since we thought it would be close. Then, we were suddenly in the Sinchon area where we stayed before. So, we just took pictures while we were here.

IMG_3109I guess this was a popular meeting place for a lot of people. They were just standing around or calling their friends. We see people meeting up and going on their way.

IMG_3110A lot of shopping and restaurants in this area too.

IMG_3113We’re finally in Hongdae and we went for street food – again. Haha.

IMG_3115We saw a live performance which was pretty cool.

IMG_3124Then we went to a Noraebang to sing our heart away for one hour. :D
IMG_3129Their big ass remote controls..

IMG_3130I love the mike covers. This should be standard in every Karaoke place in the world. :)