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IMG_3051Avenue of Youth is located near Insadong. We actually only stumbled on this area on our way home. It is lined up with small stalls selling different merchandise and also street food stalls. Plenty of restaurants along the area too. There really are a lot of young people that hang around this area.

IMG_3043After dinner, we decided to walk home from Myeongdong to Insadong which is really a bad idea since it’s quite far. We only realized that halfway on our walk and we were really tired but we really had no choice but to go on.

IMG_3038We passed by the Chonggyeochon stream which was pretty much dead during the winter.

When we were near Insadong, we passed by a Daiso which made us giddy. We bought a few things for pasalubong to take home to friends and family. We were going to go home and cross the street when we saw the Avenue of Youth and decided to check it out.

IMG_3046IMG_3047I would try the street food but I really didn’t want to eat any more. I wanted something sweet.

IMG_3045I saw Natuur and it shined bright like a diamond.

IMG_3056I took this strawberry ice cream cake back to the hotel in a below zero weather. I know it was a splurge but I’ve been craving this for days. It was stored in this mini ice chest like it needed that. The temperature was already freezing. :D