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GOPR0165We went back to Myeongdong because it’s one of our favorite places and I needed to buy cosmetics for friends back home. We also decided to have dinner at Bongchu Jimdak in Myeondong. I actually came across this blog that recommended this restaurant while doing research on our Busan Seoul itinerary.

IMG_2998It was full downstairs so they took us upstairs. It did’t really take too long for other people to come and make it full and busy.

IMG_3010We only ordered teh chicken jimdak to share. It’s good for 2 people unless you have a really huge appetite. They gave us cabbage and radish kimchi. Also a pitcher of water. We were wondering what the scissors were for. :P

jimdakThis is what it looks like up close. Apparently the scissor was for cutting the noodles. :) So this is the Chicken jimdak, you actually have a choice if you’d like it boneless or with bones. Boneless was slightly more expensive. We chose the one with bones. it comes on a bed glass noodles with slices of potatoes and other vegetables like zuccini and carrots. The sauce was really really good. We actually finished this huge plate. Our bill with nothing extra comes to 22,000 won.

IMG_3028My OOTD for the day. After that we just walked around Myeongdong.

IMG_3024 IMG_3022More street food. We just took pictures since our tummy is already full. :)