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IMG_2959Jogyesa Temple is a Buddhist temple near Insadong. It was actually just a short walking distance from Inadong, about 10 to 15 minutes. It is actually quite surprising to find a temple in between huge buildings and concrete. It is well known for its colorful lanterns but unfortunately for some reason at the time of our visit, they were not up.

IMG_2960I think they were preparing a program at the time since a stage was being set.

IMG_2962We went into the visitors center and we were given a map and also this kind lady gave us information about the temple. She encouraged us to go inside the temple and pray. She even gave us instructions on how to. Since we were just passing by and it was winter, we didn’t want to take off our shoes and bother the others who were sincerely praying. The temple looked like it was full of worshipers.

IMG_2961IMG_2964I think there were also activities like learning a craft but they were unavailable at the time.

IMG_2968We went around this Pagoda 8 times to say our sincere prayers.

IMG_2976A lady who seemed to be busy and out and about her day took the time to offer a short prayer before going on her way. I think it was nice to have a place of worship like this in this busy city.