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IMG_2745Everland is the biggest theme park in South Korea. It’s located in Yongin which is about an hour away from Seoul. Our previous trip in South Korea, we went to Lotte World so we decided to check out this other theme park. How to go to Everland:

Transfer to Yongin Ever Line at Giheung Station on Bundang Line!
– It takes 30 minutes from Giheung Station to Jeondae Everland Station (last stop) on Yongin Ever Line.
– You can take the shuttle bus (free of charge) from Yongin Ever Line and go to Everland or Caribbean Bay.
– Ever Line operation hours 05:30~23:30

NO. 5002: Route via Sinnonhyeon Station – Gangnamn Station – Yangjae Station. Time: Approximately 40-50 minutes. Fare: 2,000 won per way
NO. 5700: Route via Gangbyeon Station – Jamsil Statiion – Songpa Station – Suseo Station. Time: Approximately 60-70 minutes. Fare: 2000 won per way.

RESERVED BUS: (which is the one we took)
– Telephone booking require
– Route (Departure station, Departure time): City Hall (09:30), Dongdaemun History & Culture Park (09:40), Gangnam (10:00), Everland, Carribean Bay (18:30)
– Time: Approx. 40~60 minutes
– Bus fare: 12,000 won (round trip)
– Reservation : 82-32-322-7001, 82-31-919-1244


We asked our hotel to get the reservations about 2 days before our intended day to visit. Taking the local bus would have been cheaper on the fare but admission to Everland is 46,000 won. If you have a coupon, it’s only 37,000 won. We only paid 42,000 won for our park ticket + our bus ticket. I think they get a group discount for tickets. So, if you decided to get on the local bus and purchase the ticket at a discount, you will only save 1,000 won. I think I’d rather spare it to have the convenience of not worrying about it. :)

IMG_2738This was our bus ticket.

IMG_2740Our bus, you would have to remember which number your bus is parket at. I would recommend taking a picture on your cellphone or camera just to be sure before you leave. You would have to return here before 5pm or else the bus will leave without you. You’d have to figure out your own ride back to Seoul.

IMG_2741We took the shuttle bus to Everland.

IMG_2742Our tour guide reminded us to remember 4,5 and must get on the same shuttle going back and not elsewhere. :)

IMG_2743After he got our tickets, we were on our own at the park.

IMG_2748Since it was winter, most employees were in their winter costumes.

IMG_2757We just had to visit Pororo.

I actually don’t recommend visiting Everland in Winter since it’s mostly outdoors, it can be very cold. Also, a lot of things are closed so it feels like you’re not getting your money’s worth.

IMG_2777The only saving grace was this. It actually had 3 levels. The lowest one was for kids which is this one.

IMG_2776The second one was alright. We should have started with this. Instead, we actually went to the steepest one.

IMG_2782It doesn’t look bad from this angle but it was pretty high and exhilarating going down with your tube.

IMG_2783Me in my winter outfit. Haha.

IMG_2790We rode the highest one twice. Once on a tandem tube and solo on the next one. So this second one seemed easy. It was a breeze. :)

IMG_2756One of the things we did enjoy at the park was the K-Pop Hologram Concert. It was actually the first thing we went to in the morning. We watched 2ne1. Later in the day, we still had plenty of time so we decided to catch another show. We didn’t actually think they would change but they do through out the day. I wish we saw Big Bang’s! But the Psy show was actually pretty good.

IMG_2938I bet it was more awesome to see him live since his hologram show was amazing!

IMG_2939Before the show starts, they actually encourage you to take photos in these booths.

IMG_2940Then they put your faces around the place, it feels like you’re part of the show. Some audience members even had their faces participate in the hologram show which was pretty cool.

IMG_2943Since we were on a budget, we didn’t want to eat at the Park restaurant so we decided to check out Ever-mart. They didn’t have cup noodles!!! I wanted one so badly. I bet they figured that people won’t eat in the park if they did have cup noodles. Haha. We settled for snacks instead before heading back to our bus. :(