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IMG_2663Myeongdong is one of my favorite places in Seoul. For me, a trip to Seoul wouldn’t be complete without dropping by Myeongdong. I love the energy of this place.

IMG_2668We actually went across the street to check out the Lotte Department Store and it just so happened that there was an SM Town pop-up store on the first level.

IMG_2709The stairs were actually a working piano. When you step on it, it would light up and play a sound. This was pretty cool.

IMG_2678They had various items from all artists. Since I became a recent EXO fan, I bought an EXO beanie. Sehun is my favorite.

IMG_2679We made our way on the rooftop and they had a really nice space to hang out on either side of the walkway. Look at that adorable kid!

IMG_2704There were actually 3 different Lotte malls which were connected: Lotte Department Store, Lotte Young Plaza and Avenue L.

IMG_2681The Lotte Young Plaza had a lot of pretty graffitis.

IMG_2706They even had a sweet potato store. I should have bought some. I bet it was nice especially in winter.

IMG_2690I took this picture of Myeongdong street from the top floor.

IMG_2691Even the restrooms were quirky.

IMG_2692We went to Avenue L which had a lot of pretty merchandise.

IMG_2693We also checked out the cinema and what was showing..

IMG_2694Finally, we went to the basement level of the Lotte Department store to check out the food section. :)

IMG_2696We bought some bread.

IMG_2700 IMG_2701After that, we went back on the streets of Myeongdong.

IMG_2711You should definitely try the street food. This ajumma was selling dukbokki and other yummy goodness.

IMG_2715This ajusshi was selling various dried squid.

IMG_2719As always, you can see the Namsan tower from Myeongdong. :)