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IMG_2573Since our hotel is a short distance from Insadong, we decided to walk around the area to start our day. We explored Ssamziegil. It’s like an artsy compound that sells various merchandise.

IMG_2577We actually took the elevator on the highest floor so we could make our way down and checkout the stores along the way. They have a huge cafe on the top floor. Aren’t those giraffes adorable?

IMG_2578They had stairs but they also had this slanted walkway so it’s very wheelchair friendly.

IMG_2579At the time, they had this thing where there were a lot of papers mounted on trees and walls. I would guess they were wishes written down? It was fun to walk around and take pictures. I think they also change this from time to time.

IMG_2608After that, we decided to make our way to Bukchon Hanok Village. This is my first time going there since we didn’t go on our last trip.

Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3) – Exit 2
Go straight for about 300 meters and arrive at Bukchon Hanok Village

IMG_2609IMG_2610It’s a large area known for preserving the traditional Korean houses. People actually live here so there are constant signs in the area reminding people no to be too loud. There were also Tourist Information officers in red who would be happy to help you with directions. We actually stopped by the Tourist Information office to get a free map.

IMG_2621It was kinda hard to get this lane empty because of the constant influx of tourists so you would just have to be creative with your shots. :)

IMG_2651There was this quaint store called Room to Roam. Everything they had was just really adorable.

IMG_2655We also saw this adorable tea house.

IMG_2656On our way towards the exit of the village, I think we got lost. We passed by this pretty area where they had a lot of quirky shops and coffee shops.

IMG_2661While looking for the nearest subway, we passed by this bell tower.