IMG_2483If there were a few things that would make me come back to Busan is this Spa Land, the yummy Hotteok and Gong Yoo. :P

Spa Land is located in the Centum City Shinsegae Mall, on the second floor I believe. It also has it’s own entrance outside if you’re not coming in from the mall. It has 13 themed jijimbangs and saunas. It is open from 6am to 12am. It is closed once a month.

IMG_2484Adults are charged 12,000 won for entrance on weekdays and 14,000 won on weekends. I think it’s good for 4 hours. Believe me, it’s not enough. Lol! We spent about 3 hours in here, and it felt rushed.

IMG_2486We actually got a coupon from customer service. They had a promotion at the time that once we spend at least 10,000 won in the mall which includes Spa Land, we get a free tote bag which was pretty cool. :)

IMG_2485We lined up and paid for our fee at the front desk, then we were given a key with wrist strap. You can also get a flyer here so that you have an idea about the rooms that they have. Then we proceeded to go upstairs.

Once you enter, you leave your shoes in once of the lockers. Then you pass by the front by scanning your key on the machine so it would let you pass through like on the subway.

photo from cnn

This is what the lobby looks like. After this, you proceed to the ladies locker room to change into your spa outfit. I wish I had taken my camera or my phone since you’re permitted in the common jijimbang areas but not in the bathing areas. It was so pretty and clean.

photo from cnn

This is where the common jijimbang areas are and you can also order and eat food if you’re hungry.

photo from cnn

We had a few favorite jijimbangs and this one in the winter outside with the cold air and you dip your feeth into nice hot water – I loved this. After the jijimbangs, we decided to check out the 3rd floor which had the individual viewing tvs pictured below, movie theaters, the massage chairs, a restaurant and an aesthetic clinic.

photo from cnn

After lounging, we decided to go bathe in the girls common room which had an entrance at the locker room. You had to shower first of course, they provided bath soaps and shampoos. You have to go commando since everyone else is. After showering, we dipped into the hot pools. It was so refreshing and liberating. Of course, we’re all shy at first but then we were like, what the heck! We don’t know any of them anyway. There were a mom and daughter foreigner as well but everyone else were local Koreans. I wouldn’t mind coming to this place every now and then if I lived there.

photo from cnn

Loved this outdoor pool and it was deserted. I guess because it was cold and it was outdoors but that was the fun of it. I don’t think I would enjoy this pool in warm weather. It was so pretty!

I really loved our stay here. I wish we had more time. Here is the cnn go article about Spa Land and also more pictures: