IMG_2450So on our second day in Busan, we decided to check out the infamous Haeundae beach. It’s pretty much deserted except for a few people who liked the walking by the sea and the morning breeze.

In the summer though, it looks like this:

credits to google image search

IMG_2453The sand was fine and it was okay.

IMG_2455I’m not sure what that means. We actually took a bus from the Busan station and it took us about 45 minutes and we had to ask students about Haeundae Beach since we weren’t sure which stop we needed to take and I’m glad that we got there and didn’t have to walk a long way to the beach. Heading back though, we had to find the subway. Good thing that the Tourist Information Center was already open when we were there.

IMG_2457They gave us a map in English and it was about a 10 minute walk to the nearest subway. We passed by the famous pig street but since it was morning, the shops were still closed.