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IMG_2286If you would ask me what to eat in Busan, it would be this. I know that Busan is famous for its seafood but this hotteok was the best one we’ve had. We tried a lot of hotteok stands in Seoul but nothing compared to this.

So what is a Hotteok? It’s a filled fried korean pancake, a popular street food usually eaten in the winter. This version in Busan had a variation of nuts, honey and a bit of cinnamon as filling. They are usually sweet but they also have the savory version with meat and vegetables.

IMG_2282We actually didn’t want to line up at first because the lines were ridiculous and we were questioning if it was even worth it. I’m glad we did. Since it was a limited space, the line would snake around the stand and you actually get a nice view of how they make it once you get closer.

IMG_2283There were actually two stands next to each other but we picked this one. I don’t know if the other one was better or not but I was really happy that we chose this one. It looked like a family affair. They were collecting payments while we were on the line and waiting for our hotteok. People would actually buy bags of it that’s why the line takes longer than usual. They can only produce so much even if they were really fast.

IMG_2284One guy was making the dough. The other was cooking. The other guy was actually putting the filling after and also distributing the finished product. IMG_2285We actually just paid for one at first but I was like maybe we should get more since we’re already here. So we decided to get another one each. It was actually the perfect number for us since it was also filling. We couldn’t possibly finish a 3rd one. It was so good though. A mixture of different nuts with a hint of cinnamon and honey, perfect for the cold weather. I’d still eat it in the summer though but it’s just a lot better in the winter since it was warm and chewy.


The paper cups are actually the perfect holder for it. Thick enough to handle the heat because a tissue or paper towel would just soak up the oil. For only 1,000 won or 40 pesos, you get a taste of heaven. ^^