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IMG_2281Nampodong is the Myeongdong of Busan. It’s a walking street with plenty of shopping, cafes and restaurant. The Pusan International Film Festival is next to it or within the area as well as the Jagalchi Fish Market which is just on the opposite side of the road

We were there at around lunch time and we just randomly picked a restaurant that served fried rice on one of the side streets and it was really good.

IMG_2275We were really not familiar with how to properly order so we just got the chicken and the rice together. In retrospect, we should have just ordered kalbi and then ordered rice to mix with the sauce on the pan after.

IMG_2276Then we just walked around the area. This was the most decent picture I could get of the arches at the PIFF. It was crowded because the famous hoteok stands were around that area and it deserves a post all on its own because it was so yummeh! ^^

IMG_2279IMG_2277There were also a line of fortune tellers which I wanted to try but sadly skipped it since I couldn’t converse in Korean. We actually asked them if they spoke English. Haha. But none of the ajummas did.. :(

IMG_2278We did a bit of shopping on the side streets where there were a lot of stores. It wasn’t cheap nor expensive but they had unique and very fashionable pieces.