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IMG_2272I’ve always wanted to see Gamcheon Cultural Village and it was on the top of my list of places to visit in Busan. It was just really picturesque and we really had a good time going around the village.

IMG_2228HOW TO GO: We took subway line 1 to Teosong Station. While at Teosong Station, we were unsure which direction to go so we asked the guy manning the office at the subway and I suspect that it’s a common occurrence so he gave us this piece of paper with the directions.

It was a short walk from exit 6, then we turned right. We started looking for the Cancer center and found it.

IMG_2221There was only one bus stop in front of it so it was hard to get lost. We waited for the bus numbers mentioned.

IMG_2222You can actually see the village from below and the colorful houses.

IMG_2223We didn’t see a lot of tourists at the bus stop so this was not a popular route. The bus was small, it looked more like a bigger van but it was perfect for the steep and windy road on the way up top. We were kind of antsy since we didn’t know where to stop but I guess the driver is also used to people looking for Gamcheon so he’ll let you know. You will also see the taxis dropping off tourists.

Near the entrance was an office. It also had a small exhibit of pictures of Gamcheon. This was also the place to buy a map for 2,000 won.

IMG_2235You get to look for places mentioned on the map and get a postcard at 2 locations if you complete them. You get to stamp your map too. ^^


IMG_2273It was a real fun place to walk around.. There were also cafes and small restaurants along the way. Plenty of photo opportunities like the one above.

IMG_2274I find it fascinating how colors can make a dull wall interesting.. ^^