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IMG_2207Food Cafe is a small restaurant on the street across Busan Station. We landed and checked in at the hotel really late but we were really hungry so we looked for places to eat. Good thing that a lot of cafes and restaurants like these were still open at the wee hours of the night. This is probably one of our cheaper meals in South Korea.

This is what it looks like from the inside. This restaurant feels more like a mom and pop shop. The ajumma invited us in when she saw us loitering outside her shop trying to decide if we should eat in there. We’ve seen a lot of restaurants like this and the kimbap counter is always at the front since it’s the take out fast food very common in Korea.

IMG_2209We sat and she gave us an English menu.

IMG_2202IMG_2197We pointed out what we like and she wrote them on the menu paper. You would see this in a lot of restaurants in South Korea.

IMG_2200Then she gave us kimchi and radish.

IMG_2212She also pointed out that the utensils were on the side of the table where they usually are. ^^

IMG_2208We didn’t have to wait too long for our order. We asked which kimbap is the best and she said that the Tuna cheese one is so we ordered that one. It was very good. My cousin got the ramen with cheese.

IMG_2211And i got the roppoki and boy was it spicy. I didn’t get to finish it all since I already ate half the kimbap and I didn’t realize that the serving was huge – for me at least.

IMG_2214The sterilized cups and water dispenser are always a welcome sight. I noticed though that Koreans generally drink water after the meal unlike us who drank several cups of water like there was no tomorrow.


The food was pretty good and cheap for South Korea. Ramyeon with cheese was 3,000 won. Roppoki was the same price and the Tuna Kimbap was 2,500 won.