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IMG_2175This was actually my first choice for accommodation because I love the location but at the time I was looking at hotels, this was already fully booked so I looked for other accommodations. About a week before our trip, I saw that there were available rooms, I cancelled my other accommodation and booked this one. I’m glad I did.

We actually came late at night and no airport bus into the city was in operation at the time. So if you’re taking the Cebu Pacific flight from Manila to Busan, you only have two choices: the taxi or the train. I’m glad that we kept our T-Money cards from our previous trip. We only had to put in money at 7-11.

IMG_2137After an hour, we finally reached our hotel. Check in was a breeze. I was also offered the Toyoko Inn Club Card since it would be 2,000 won cheaper if I had it. So, why not? I think the card costs 15,000 won but I think I saved 17,000 won if I got the card. It’s like getting the card for free and saving a bit. They took my picture for the card, paid for our accommodation, and proceeded up to our room.

IMG_2140This was our room, not that roomy but adequate. We had to settle for the double since all of the twin rooms were already booked.

IMG_2145We loved the pillows, the other side had rounded, soft pointy-like things.

IMG_2146Once you enter, the restroom is on the left. We have a fridge, TV, safe, mirror, hairdryer – very functional.

IMG_2154fridge and coffee making facility.

IMG_2153our light and small table on the side.

IMG_2156It had slippers, flashlight, shoe shine.. i’m not sure what that small appliance is – maybe a humidifier?

IMG_2148Bathroom was small and typical – it was okay. A lot like the Japanese bathrooms we’ve had in Japan. It had the push button toilet of course.

IMG_2160Breakfast was from 7am-9:30am on the 2nd Floor. I’m sorry I don’t have pictures but it was pretty basic. Boiled eggs, rice, sausages and bread were staple. They also had a cereal bar. 2 korean sides like bean sprouts, kimchi or small fried anchovies the next day. I noticed a pot of congee. It was pretty much self service, you would just put it in the corner after you eat. We didn’t know this the first day, we just left our tray on the table.

IMG_2171The best thing about this hotel is the location. It is literally right in front of Busan Station. So, if you have a train to catch like us – this is ideal. There’s also a subway exit a few feet from the hotel. It’s about 1-2 minute walk. There’s also a convenient store right next to it. There are a few restaurant and coffee shops across the road.

IMG_2176The Busan City Tour bus also stops in front of the convenient store next to the hotel. This is the schedule below if you’re interested.

IMG_2182Rating: 4/5. I would really recommend this hotel. It’s fuss free and functional. For the price, I say that it’s very worth it. The location alone is just excellent. The rooms are clean and they’re okay, nothing bad I could say about them. I’m glad that breakfast is inclusive. For the price of the hotel, the breakfast wasn’t actually bad in comparison to the breakfast we’ve had at hostels for the same price.