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002Nando’s is a popular restaurant that specializes in flame grilled peri-peri chicken. We ate at the restaurant on the street outside of the Windsor castle. We had decided to get lunch here first before visiting the castle and it didn’t disappoint.

003We got seated into a booth and given menus.

004 005I love the look and design of their menu. Of course, we also got the famous sauces from the condiments section.

006I ordered the flame grilled peri-peri chicken with rice and fries. 007Then we ordered an additional serving of chicken liver with bread. This was really good. I really liked it. I am partial to chicken livers. ^^ It tastes a lot like adobong atay.

008I was fortunate that lunch was free. ^^ But prices were not too bad. The 1/4 grilled peri-peri chicken on its own is only 4.25 pounds. If it comes with 2 sides, it’s 7.20. The 1/2 is 7.00 pounds, with 2 sides is 9.95. The chicken liver and Portuguese roll is 6.10 pounds. The prices are very reasonable, no wonder it’s very popular. The food was pretty good.