IMG_9007I thought this was the London Bridge too. But no, this is the London Bridge..

IMG_8998It’s just actually a simple stone bridge with no decorations. I wouldn’t know it’s the London Bridge if there weren’t any signage at the place. The Tower Bridge is right across this bridge.

Train: London Bridge Station, Thames/First Capital Connect, Docklands Light Railway,
Tube: London Bridge & Monument (Northern Line), Tower Hill & Monument (Circle Line) (District Line), London Bridge (Jubilee Line)
Bus: London Bridge Bus Station. List of Buses: Click Here.

From London Bridge, we walked towards Tower Bridge but we stopped by this open concept mall.



My companion needed to use the restroom. It was a paid one, looked high tech but she said it was a bit dirty. There was an actual short line outside it, probably because it might be the only available public restroom around the vicinity.

IMG_9015There was also an area outside the Hay’s Galleria where there were art installations. It was also a great vantage point to take pictures of the tower bridge.

IMG_9021I even took a picture of the Tower of London from here.

IMG_9025IMG_9033We’re getting pretty close to the bridge. ^^IMG_9034We finally get on the actual bridge. You can actually go up and pay 8 pounds per Adult and for operating hours, you can click here. It’s an actual working bridge so there are vehicles passing through but there is an ample side walk space for tourists.

IMG_9036IMG_9043Details of this beautiful bridge..

IMG_9047From here, we walked to the Tower of London.

IMG_9059There is a fee to go in. Individual rates are 20-22 pounds per person. For more details, you can click here. As it was already late afternoon, we didn’t really have enough time to go in and explore. We just went around the structure.

IMG_9049There are signs and information posted at different locations around the structure.

IMG_9050Too expensive to litter.

IMG_9051IMG_9052IMG_9053It’s still impressive from afar.

IMG_9054There’s even a visitors center if you would like to inquire about the Tower of London or other places of interest. They have brochures for more information.

IMG_9057We were tired from all the walking so we sat around here and they have plenty of benches for seating. There’s a fish and chips store right in front of us and I was seriously considering buying some before we called it a day.