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From Buckingham Palace, we actually walked our way to the Big Ben. We passed by St. James Park. We passed through a few places which I will narrate below with pictures. ^^


Underground Stations: Westminster Tube Station, St. James Park Tube Station, Embankment Underground Station
Mainline Stations: Charring Cross Railway Station, Victoria Railway Station, Black Friar Railway Station

IMG_8912This might be the Horse Guards Arch but I’m not too sure. Anyway, I got a chance to take pictures with this guard without too many people around. There were quite a few in front of me but since it’s a close quarter, there aren’t too many people that can possibly photo bomb it.

IMG_8916I got to take another one with a guard on a horse! albeit with another tourist on the other side but that can’t really be helped. The sign right above me is not very comforting though. It reads: BEWARE. Horses may kick or bite! THANK YOU. I can’t really go too close and I won’t even dare touch it. What if it kicks me? Or bite me?

IMG_8917There were a number of stalls selling London goodies.

IMG_8920On our way to the Big Ben, we passed by Downing Street. If you’re not familiar with it, this is where the Prime Minister resides.

IMG_8924It is also heavily guarded but it doesn’t stop tourists like us from taking pictures in front of the gate.

IMG_8927The iconic Telephone booth with the parliament building on the background. I took a picture of myself but outside the red telephone booth since you won’t last a second inside that booth, it smelled of urine and poop.

IMG_8937This is one of my favorite pictures that I took on this trip.

IMG_8951The parliament building up close. There’s a Big Ben and Elizabeth Tower tour for free but it’s only currently available for UK residents only. For more information, you can click here.

IMG_8963IMG_8969The church is massive, we didn’t get to go in though since we didn’t have much time so we just appreciated it from the outside.

IMG_8971IMG_8977Another picture of the Big Ben before leaving the area..

IMG_8983Mr. Churchill standing like a boss.

IMG_8984Right behind the Big Ben is a bridge and we walked around the Big Ben to reach the bridge. On it, you’d be able to see the London Eye. It’s a very good vantage point to take pictures of it. You can walk further down and turn left if you wanted to get on it.

IMG_8991I bet the views from the top are amazing. Here’s another photo with tourists like me taking probably the same photo above or just walking past.

IMG_8988Here’s a Scottish Bagpiper doing his thing on the bridge.