IMG_8852Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Royal English Monarch. It is located in the city of Westminster. Actually, we walked from China Town to the Buckingham Palace which was probably a 10-15 minute walk.


Train Station: London Victoria
Tube Stations:  Victoria, Green Park, Hyde Park Corner
Buses: 11, 211, C1, and C10

IMG_8864The road in front of the palace is still passable by cars so beware of the vehicles and pedestrian lanes.

IMG_8856That huge monument in front of the palace is the Victoria Memorial created by sculptor Sir Thomas Brock in 1911 according to Wikipedia.

IMG_8853The grounds were lovely with all the flowers surrounding it. I was there during summer.

IMG_8866There are a lot of people but you can just go up to the gate since they don’t take tours inside the palace grounds unlike other palaces.

IMG_8870The guards are pretty strict with guns. Those iconic royal guards dressed in red and the fur black hats are quite a sight. If you want a picture with one, you’d get a chance once you roam around the general vicinity of the tourist attractions, you’ll eventually see one.

There’s also the Changing of the Guards at 11:30am but the bands come in at 11:15 according to this website. For more information about specific schedules, you can click here.

IMG_8868Me in my UK flag colors inspired outfit taking a photo-op in front of the palace while most of the people are still all the way there.

IMG_8873Details of the intricate gate up close.

IMG_8880I heard that this is the window where the royal family waves to the people.