roomThis is probably the best value for money hotel that we stayed at during this trip. I chose this hotel specifically because of the free shuttle service and it’s proximity to the airport. They have several branches all throughout Bali. On hindsight, it would have been better if I booked the one in Kuta Beach since this one is almost next to the airport and about 5 minutes from Kuta Beach.

IMG_1747We arrived a bit early for check in and they didn’t have our room ready yet so we just lounged around. They gave us orange juice and they had wifi in the lounge. We were planning to hang around Kuta on our last day. We already missed the shuttle service that left 5-10 minutes earlier. The shuttle service go every two hours.  We could have just taken a taxi but it was a good thing that we didn’t have to wait too long. They had our room ready.

IMG_1763The facilities were really modern and clean. This window alcove was interesting but we put down the covers since we can see construction workers from our window and they can probably see us. :D

IMG_1756It had a nice comfy bed and even a bench by the wall. There are 3 girls in our group. We were thinking of getting an extra bed but the receptionist recommended that we check out the room first. It turns out she was right. The bed is sufficient in size and it could fit 3 Asian girls. We just had to request for an extra towel.

IMG_1755We rested for a bit before getting the shuttle to go to Kuta Square. The shuttle was new and comfortable. It was roomy too. It was a huge van that can probably fit 10 people. This is what it looks like from the inside. Too bad I didn’t get a picture of it.IMG_1760So all in all, I really recommend the Harris Hotel for budget accommodations. I had very low expectations to start with since they are a chain hotel but they were very nice, warm and efficient. I like the shuttle service but I wish it was more frequent. ^^