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IMG_1709Please excuse my blurry photo. We actually came across this spa while walking from Seminyak Beach and finding our way back to our villa. We just saw the huge Tripadvisor sign outside (which a few of establishments had in Bali as we noticed) so we decided to check it out and get a massage. The price wasn’t bad either.

IMG_1675We decided to get the Balinese massage for an hour which costs 90,000 IDR + 10% tax so it’s about 100,000 IDR which is roughly around 400 pesos. First they scrubbed and washed our sandy feet.

IMG_1678Then we were lead upstairs into their rooms for the massage. The second floor was not big but it was beautifully designed. This looked so relaxing. They had younger masseuse but they were very good. The concentration of their massage was more on the legs, it’s probably because the tourists do a lot of walking unlike here in the Philippines that give a lot of emphasis on the back. The massage was really good. Worth every penny.

I know that this is not even the original Inner Glow spa. This is one of their branches in Seminyak which doesn’t really take away from the very good service that we were provided so I recommend them. Even the manager was really nice and she was very professional.


After our massage, we walked along the street and passed by this tattoo parlor that offers “twisted monkey magic mushroom that is fresh and not frozen” whatever that means. ^^

IMG_1687IMG_1685We also passed by the Private Spa which was an upscale spa to check out the prices. We’re actually not willing to shell out that much money for a massage when we were very happy with what we got from Inner Glow. I bet the ones here may be more amazing, we just are more value for money customers. Haha.