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IMG_1483Carliz art and cafe is located just a few stores down from Seminyak Square. We just went in the restaurant because we were hungry and it was close by, price looked okay and there were people eating so it shouldn’t be too bad. Those are basically our criteria in looking for a place to eat.

IMG_1482The atmosphere is pretty laid back. With outdoor seating near the street so it’s more relaxed. We noticed most of its clientele at the time were foreigners. Some of them probably just came from the beach.

IMG_1484My friend ordered beef in pita bread. They’re not very adventurous with food. I think she didn’t like the Indonesian spices that much so she was craving for something more familiar. Carliz cafe does serve both local and western fare.

IMG_1485Another friend ordered beef with bell pepper with salad and fries. This dish was just average.

IMG_1487I ordered Nasi Goreng with chicken and shrimp on top. This is my Indonesian comfort food. You can never go wrong with Nasi Goreng. I just really love it. This is probably my favorite fried rice dish. It unseated the chao fan fried rice on the top place in my book. Yes, there are various fried rice dishes. Haha.

Carliz Cafe has a relaxed atmostpher and it’s budget friendly. I would definitely recommend their Nasi Goreng.