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IMG_1480Seminyak Square is located in the center of Seminyak along Jalan Laksamana Oberoi. For stores and restaurants in the area, you can check out their website here. We often frequented this place since it’s a short walking distance from our villa. We also come here to change our foreign currency. Their rates are pretty good and reliable unlike those shady exchange booths on the small side streets of Oberoi. They also accept Philippine currency here unlike the one in Ubud that didn’t.

IMG_1488From Seminyak Square, the Seminyak Beach was about a 10 minute walk. We went through the Ku De Ta entance and they had guards who had to check your bags and such before letting you in. Ku De Ta was pretty.

IMG_1497We saw this Tsunami warning maps peppered along entrances of the beach.

IMG_1496IMG_1489The beach was not very crowded and it had fine brown sand.

IMG_1490The waves are pretty huge and strong.

IMG_1492They had these red flags along the beach where it said that swimming is prohibited but people still went into the water. We were one of those people. :P I saw one lifeguard and he was at a part of the beach where there was hardly anyone. I don’t know if he just worked for one of the resorts along the beach maybe.

IMG_1635IMG_1493Those umbrellas and benches were for rent. Also the surfboards and body boards. There were also people offering massage services. We almost got a massage but I’m glad we changed our mind.