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IMG_1475Bali is probably one of the few places I can afford to rent a villa. We rented a 2 bedroom villa with a pool. The price was very good compared to the others that I looked into. I booked through booking.com. Location is very nice, it’s just a short walking distance from shops and restaurants. It’s not very far from Seminyak Square where we go often to change our money. They’re the only one we’ve seen that changed Philippine peso to Indonesian Rupiah.

IMG_1477This is their official website: http://www.villaesmee.com/ for specifics about the villa.

IMG_1501This was a shot I took from the living area with the swimming pool in the center and the two bedrooms next to each other across the property. I didn’t like that there was construction going on at the time around the area (not really their fault since it’s another property) so the only time we can actually swim is at night since we didn’t want to be seen frolicking around in our swimsuits by construction workers on the roofs of the other buildings.

IMG_1469We had very comfy beds and that door leads to the bathrooms.

IMG_1471The bathrooms were huge! You can easily fit 10 people in there, even in the shower area.

IMG_1503This was our living room/kitchen area which was very cozy. They serve breakfast but don’t look forward to it. It’s a guy coming in to cook eggs and a piece of sausage per person with toasted eggs and some cut fruits. They also have juice in the fridge. It’s the same thing everyday. You’re better off making your own breakfast or going somewhere to get one in my opinion.

IMG_1520I love the Balinese artistry. This was the mirror in our bathroom. it looks so elegant and chic.

IMG_1521Up close, it’s rolled up magazine paper.

So, there were things we liked and a few things we didn’t. Let’s start with the positive.

– very good price, value for money
– location is very good although I would suggest requesting for a villa closer to the main street if possible.
– design of the villa is nice and modern
– comfortable and spacious
– they have a security guard at night from 7pm til morning at around 7 or 8am

– the wifi connection is very slow
– breakfast is bleh
– the staff needs a more recognizable uniform. They were wearing white polo shirts with the very small logo of villa esmee on it. There were times we were a bit alarmed when 2 men would just walk in. There were just 3 girls in our group. If there were men in our group, maybe this wouldn’t be much of an issue.
– I didn’t feel very secure with our stay there and since we’re all girls, I was extra paranoid.
– I feel that management needs improvement and more professionalism for their employees would really help

Would I stay here again? Probably not. I think there are so many other options for accommodations in Bali that I would try something else. I guess we got what we paid for. So, I wouldn’t mind paying a little bit more next time. :)