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IMG_1462Sukawati Market is the place to shop for souvenirs, aside from the Tanah Lot Market. They have a lot of artworks, crafts, clothes, etc. You must be ready to bargain.

IMG_1463We bought a lot of sarongs here for only 20,000 rupiah each or 80 pesos. We also bought shirts, dresses, a really nice batik print, necklaces and magnets of course. I noticed that sellers here are generally nicer than the ones in central Ubud. They’re not as aggressive. We saw a lot of locals or Indonesians from outside Bali that were shopping here. In fact, foreigners are not as many as I would expect maybe since the location is a little out of the way.

IMG_1464It was a school day so we saw quite a few of the students loitering around this street near Sukawati market. ^.^