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NOTE: I’m in no way connected with DFA Marquee so I really don’t know when you’ll get your passport if you applied two weeks ago, today or tomorrow. ^^ I just wrote this blog post to share my experience when I went there to renew my passport. Please contact them for more information specific to your need. I will try to answer questions that I can answer to the best of my ability. I’ve just been getting a lot of questions about their individual circumstances about their passport so please understand that I’m just like you, a regular person who just shared her personal experience. :)photo 1The Department of Foreign Affairs in Angeles City is the nearest office from my city for passport application or renewal. It’s located in Marquee Mall which is just off the NLEX so it’s very convenient if you drive. It’s about 45 minutes to an hour from Tarlac City. If you’re coming from the north or Manila and you are commuting, few buses from Victory and Five Star stop across the mall. So, it’s very convenient. Before going, make sure that you have your documents with you.

Passport Renewal

Please have all your original documents and IDs photocopied before going to DFA. ALL REQUIREMENTS

For additional requirements if you have had a brown passport, a green passport before or other circumstances that require additional documentations, you can click here to find out more. If it’s your first time getting a passport, you can click here for more information for first time applicants. I know that in most DFA manila offices, you can set your appointment online but in Marquee Mall, you don’t need an appointment. It’s on a first come, first serve basis. From my experience, it took about 2 hours for the whole thing. When I accompanied my cousin to get her passport renewed, it took her only around an hour, more or less. So, it differs and it’s not too bad from the previous system wherein you’d have to waste half a day or the whole day waiting. photo 3At the Marquee mall, the DFA office is on the third floor. On the left, from the escalator, you would see the waiting area. That is the one pictured above.

STEP 1: Get an application form from the guard if you don’t already have one, fill it out. Then give it back to the guard with all your documents ready. If you need something xerox copied, there’s a xerox machine there. You wait for a little while before the guard announces the name that they would let in the office. photo 4photo 2 STEP 2: You would line up here, the middle or entry part of the DFA office and a receptionist will re-check your requirements and ID, then they give you a number. TIP: If you’re accompanying a friend, you can ask for their number or they can text it to you since you can check on the right side what number they’re serving. You would know if your family/friend is almost finish with the process.
STEP 3: You wait for your number to be called into the appropriate counter. Then they would check your documents. If everything’s okay, they ask if you want the rush or ordinary service.
STEP 4: You make your payment.
STEP 5:  You proceed to another room where you wait for your number to be called again. They take your biometrics like fingerprint scans, your signature and your picture (Their cameras are not very flattering. Haha)
STEP 6: This is optional. You can go to the LBC counter by the door to ask for your passport to be delivered for 120 pesos or just pick it up. I must say that getting a passport has really improved from the last time I renewed my passport but I still wish for a time where you can just mail it in like in other countries, just for renewals. They already have our biometrics, so nothing’s really gonna change except our faces.

Passport Fees: http://passport.com.ph/passport-fees-info Documentary Requirements: http://passport.com.ph/requirements
Government website: http://www.gov.ph/services/passport/