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IMG_1348Tanah Lot temple is breathtaking. It’s an art of building. The beautiful temple against the splashing of the waves was really a sight to behold. This is one of the more popular tourist destinations in Bali and for good reasons. The entrance fee is a lot more here, it’s 30,000 Indonesian Rupiah. This is also the place to shop for souvenirs.

IMG_1367On our way to the temple, you’ll find a lot of stores left and right. There’s even a Billabong and Crocs store on site. You can bargain for goods here. We bought a few sarongs here for only 80 pesos, that’s the lowest we can bargain. I also bought a sando for 80 pesos or 20,000 Indonesian Rupiah. This and the Sukuwati market are the only place I would recommend to buy souvenirs.
IMG_1292You walk a bit to get to the beach. When you can smell the ocean, you know it’s near.

IMG_1294The traditional Bali gate.
IMG_1295IMG_1296The waves splashing through the rocks. This was the calm before the waves.

IMG_1316IMG_1317The majestic temple against the waves.

IMG_1328There are even a couple who braved the waves to take pictures of her bride.

IMG_1366My friend was hungry so she ate at one of the stands and we did a little more shopping. ^.^