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IMG_1189The Rice Terraces in Bali are definitely picturesque. This was the last thing on our list for the day tour. These rice terraces are located in Tegalalang. There are actually view decks and places to take pictures with these beautiful terraces in the background. No fees for this. It’s free.

IMG_1190To be honest, I wasn’t blown away because we also have these in our country. Our rice terraces are less accessible though since they are in the Mountain province which is both an advantage and a disadvantage for tourists in my opinion. Our rice terraces are on a bigger scale. These are very pretty though. I can understand the fanfare.

IMG_1191The traditional huts are a very nice touch. There are small restaurants and stores alongside the road close to the viewing deck of the rice terraces. Most of them are close by 5pm which is the time we got there.

IMG_1253On our way back, we stopped by the Indomart to get a few things. We saw a Magnum Gold which we don’t have in our country so we tried it. It still has the vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate but this one is coated with extra dose of caramel. It was good.